Last updated 12th February 2016

For more information about the club, its waters and subscription fees, please contact the Treasurer, Tim Haddon, Telephone no: 01455 251619 or E-Mail: timhaddon@hotmail.com or click this link: Application Form  Print out the webpage, complete and post with the relevant fee and a passport size photo to: Tim Haddon, 221, Sketchley Road, Burbage, Hinckley, LE10 2DY


                         No Price increase for the 2016 Season

Our season starts on March 1st and is open for 12 months


The Club is offering 5 types of Membership for the *2016 season

FULL MEMBERSHIP at £305 (includes one free Catch and Release Guest Ticket worth £16), entitling a member to fish ALL waters.This type of membership allows Catch and Release and a weekly limit of 2 fish to take away throughout the year.

CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY at £235 (plus a £25 refundable deposit), (includes one free Catch and Release Guest Ticket worth £16),where a member can fish ALL waters, but only according to Catch and Release Club Rules.

LIMITED VISITS at £200 (includes one free Catch and Release Guest Ticket worth £16), to include 12 single day visits per year.  All waters can be fished.  Catch and Release and a take home limit of 2 fish per visit apply.

RIVER ONLY at £85.  Fishing ONLY on the Club's river. Method catch and release only.

JUNIOR at £35 (must be accompanied by an adult member) 

 *NB. Membership commences March 1st for 12 months.

Prospective new members wishing to join from June may be elegible for a reduced subscription, subject to membership spaces being available. Please contact the above for a late joining fee quote.

Application Form

(nb: Please include a passport size photo with your application)